Sunday, October 21, 2007


I just got back home from Croptoberfest. I had such a good time. It was a beautiful fall day spent with good friends. I love this time of year. The trees turning and the coolness in the air......fabulous.

I got a lot done. I finished all pages on our vacation album from out trip to Florida this summer. I need to add the pages into the album and do my journaling and it's completely done. I showed Anders and Will and they loved the pages. I'm so fortunate that Anders likes my scrapbooking and actually understands why it brings so much joy to me. I think he got it once I made the anniversary album for him this year. Plus it's such a stress relief for me. I've always loved crafts and the allure of paper. I even like the smell of fresh paper. Ok...maybe wierd but I like it. I sure hope my little girl will like it too.

The idea of having a little girl is starting to sink in. I thought her name was going to be Lily but now Anders is having second thoughts. He also likes Addison and Audrey. That's the top three. We've still got plenty of time to decide. I think I'm going to go get her a little "my first babydoll". I want one with a very soft body and little, so she can cuddle with it. I want to be the one to get it for her. I'm glad I still have my baby doll and my Barbies. I never thought I would get to play with them again with my own daughter.

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