Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

I can't believe that 2010 is now coming to an end!! This year has flown by and I have a feeling next year will be the same way.

2011 is going to be a good year I believe. Anders and I celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary on January 8th. I start my new job at work on January 24 and on that day also Lily will be going to daycare for the first time. She's excited to go to school with Hayden, so I think this is going to be a fun experience for her. We are hoping to do some landscaping this year on the front yard and get some rooms painted. We are planning to go to Destin/Panama City, Florida this summer. Also, will be the summer assembly and family coming to visit us again.

The most important thing is we're all together and in good health. Looking forward to many more experiences and blessings in this new year.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sometimes you need a change and not because something is bad, but because you want to try something else. This is what I've done in my work life.

I work nights weekend option in Patient Registration at a hospital emergency room. I've been there for 2 1/2 years and overall it's been an OK place to work considering you're in the emergency room and you see and hear everything plus it's open 365/7/24.

I saw a position that interested me and also knowing and like who would be my new co-workers, I decided to apply. Within 3 days of applying I got a phone call for an interview and then 5 days later I got a phone call from HR stating they wanted me to come. So as of 1/23 I'll be working in HIM (Health Information Management) and I'm excited about it. I'll still be at the hospital but now in a different area.

I'm glad that I took that chance and looking forward to the change.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Cricut Expression

My Cricut Expression is in the house!!! I am so excited and can't wait to use it!!

I took a Cricut class to learn all the "ins and outs" of the machine a few weeks ago and one of the projects we did in the class was cut out vinyl to make a stencil for glass etching. Very easy and so cute too.

Momma is one happy person!!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It was cold, gloomy and drizzling rain. I wanted to do something fun on this cold day but wasn't sure what to do. Hayden didn't have pre-school today so he would be home with Lily and I. Then we saw the commercial for the Disney movie, Tangled.

I showed them the previews online and they both were very excited to go. Off we went to the early afternoon movie at Showplace Cinemas and I'm SO HAPPY we went!!

It was one of the cutest movies I've seen in a long time. Hayden and Lily loved it and I did too. They both were so cute sitting and eating their popcorn and giggling. About 40 minutes into it, Lily climbed onto my lap for the rest of the movie. (Even better...getting snuggle time in with my girl)

It was so cute hearing them tell Daddy and Will about the movie. You should hear a 2 1/2 year old try and say "Rapunzel"...hilarious!!!

This is one movie I will purchase when it comes out. On the fence about this movie...don't was GREAT!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm in the mood to cook.

Also, I think my sweet husband is homesick for Denmark and his family living there. He even got out the Danish cookbook that was given to us when we got married and looked at recipes and talked about eating the different things growing up.

When we've visited Denmark I ate many things but many I'm not sure what I'm exactly eating. All I know it tastes good. One of the best things I've had is this dish that looks like meatloaf only to find out that it's liver pate. Plus the dark bread...mmmmmm...yum!! (Where's my sister-in-law when I need her to help me with the names of things....LOL!!)

One of the things that he likes are Aebleskiver. I have the pan that my mother-in-law brought to me from Denmark when she came to visit. I'm going to make these for him in the next few days. I need to make sure I have some Nutella on hand as this makes them extra yummy!!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


It seems I start blogging again and no sooner than I get into it, I fall off the wagon again. At least I fell off for good reasons. I've been busy. This time of year it seems so much is going on. Last week and this week on Monday evening I've been taking a Cricut class at a new scrapbook store called Make Time To Create. Cute store with a bit of everything crafting.

Also, I've been cleaning and removing things that we don't need from the house. I don't like clutter. I've got it all in once spot now and now I need to sort it all out and donate some things, sell some things and toss some things.

Most of all I've just been having fun (plus a few nights of work too each week)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall in Southern Indiana

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I LOVE it when the leaves change and the landscape is a sea of many colors.

A few weeks ago we went to French Lick to ride the train and it was so pretty on this sunny afternoon. I asked Anders to stop so I could take some pictures...beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hayden + Lucy = LOVE

I think someone loves their new puppy a lot?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craft Projects

This past weekend I went to Montgomery, Indiana at the Gastof Amish Village for our annual girls weekend Croptoberfest. I had a wonderful time and it was great to see everyone. Only one person was missing but she had a good reason...a new sweet baby boy made his arrival a few weeks ago. The weather was perfect and the food was yummy too!!

I have been scrapbooking every week and was a little burnt out doing the traditional scrapbooking pages. I decided to do something "out-of-the-box" for me.

My first project was a little 6x6 album with pages that hold CD's. I backup my photos to an external hard drive but I also burn my photos to a CD. Now I've got a cute book to keep everything in. Once I put the CD in the envelope, I'll label on the front of the envelope with details of what's on the CD. On the cover it's a bit hard to see in the photos but I used my new iRock tool and embellished the cover with yellow, purple and orange rhinestones.

My next project was a cute flower photo album held together by ribbon. I decided to use pictures of Lily since it was a bit girlie and with it being a flower and Lily is a flower name. I still need to journal on the last page. The photos are on the day she turned 1 year old.

I think my projects turned out pretty cute!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretty Girl

Doesn't this little girl look cute in her new collar? Lily picked it for her so of course it had to be pink. It has a little dog bone charm with pink rhinestones on it. So cute!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Addition

Here's pictures of our new addition to the Jensen family. Our little Boston Terrier.

We've decided to name her Lucy Bella Jensen. She was born on 8/10 and at the moment is only 6 1/2 weeks old and weighs 3 lbs. She's a little cuddler and is so funny. Isn't she the cutest little thing??


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winner...Winner...Chicken Dinner!!

Ok, I didn't win a chicken dinner (ha-ha-ha) but I did win something. It always makes your day when you win something. :-)

On the blog Pigment of My Imagination she was hosting a give-a-way of one of her beautiful flower pins. The pin I won is the on the top right hand corner...sort of a coral color and let me say it's BEAUTIFUL in person. It's going to look so good on my winter cardigan sweaters. Thanks again Michelle for giving away such a pretty item.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Hayden started Pre-K at Kindergate on August 17. He only goes 3 days per week and this past month, he's really enjoyed it. It's cute hearing him sing the songs they sing and how excited he is bringing home his papers and art projects.