Sunday, November 30, 2008


Someone thinks they're very funny sending this to me. Good one!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mommy and Lily

Here's a picture of Lily and I on Sunday morning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What's That in Her Mouth??

I can barely see it but I can feel it. Also, it's not just one little tooth but two teeth!!

She was chewing on my finger yesterday and it wasn't there but it's there today. Two little jagged tips barely poking through the gum. Her gums are darker pink and look a little swollen. No wonder she's been a bit fussy the past few days.

I'm so happy for her but then a little sad girl is getting bigger and she's the last baby I'll ever have. This is a milestone moment.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beautiful Books

I ordered these two books off of The author of both books is Susan B. Anderson. These are the most beautiful books I've seen in awhile. Lovely baby/toddler hats and other projects.

There's a sweater that's breathtaking and it's accented with silk ribbon. It also has a matching hat. You can see a bit of it on the cover of the "Itty Bitty Nursery" book.

My first thought was this was going to be too hard. I was surprised when I was reading the books last night to read that it's for a beginner. It's made with a simple stockinette stitch. The thought of actually knitting a sweater for my sweet baby girl made me so happy I almost couldn't fall asleep thinking of how I would create this.

I'm sure learning to knit would be easier if I had someone who could help me. A kind lady at the craft store commented on Lily's hat and sweater from Gymboree and in talking to her she told me about a knitting store here in Evansville on the East side. I'm going to go check this out this week. I also get to see my Aunts this week and I'm going to ask for help from them too.

It's frustrating at times and I get a bit discouraged but I can master this. I have the drive to get this figured out....especially the circular needles and knitting with the small ones.

I'm really determined since I saw that sweater :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kitchen Fun

Here's what it's like with me and my boys. I have two who like to help me out in the kitchen.

Of course, I'm the one in the apron and Will is the one already putting the food in his mouth...remember he's a bottomless pit at the moment. Hayden is the one checking it all out, he's still learning how all this works.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 Months Old

On Friday 11/14 Lily turned 8 months old. Time is passing too quickly. She's just the sweetest little girl and we're all so happy to have her in our family.

Here's things about her at the moment:

- Still has tiny feet. She's wearing a size 2 shoe.

- Wearing 9 months clothes.

- Her hair is getting a little longer. Little strands are now covering the tops of her ears. The little "flip" on top is still there and getting longer.

- We believe her eyes are going to remain hazel grey. They're definitely not brown and in some light appear blue but then other times a medium grey shade.

- Sitting in her highchair for all meals. She loves Gerber Puffs and wants to take a bite of everything that we eat.

- Totally dislikes squash and green beans!! She will actually shudder and almost gag when I try to feed these to her. I've decided not to try anymore.

- Loves to eat the jars of fruit. Apples, peaches, bananas are yummy!! Eats a big bowl of cereal with fruit every morning.

- No longer rides in the car seat stroller. She now sits in Hayden's stroller so she can see everything.

- Still NO TEETH!! I'm surprised at this as by now both boys had at least two teeth. Maybe something will come in this month.

- Just learned to clap this week on Tuesday 11/18 and she's so adorable doing it. You can tell she's quite proud of herself too.

- Loves to take a bath and kicks those feet non-stop and waves those arms around.

- If she's unhappy about something, she's started making this "noise" which is almost a yell and a shriek combined. It definitely will get your attention when she does this.

- Is always moving. When sitting on the floor she will twirl her feet around and wiggle her hands.

- Rolling over more frequently from stomach to back. Will push up on her arms and scoot herself backwards.

- Will is still her man!! Oh does this little girl love him. She will smile and hug him when he picks her up.

- Hayden can really make her laugh and giggle which he loves. If he knows what will make her laugh, he will keep doing it over and over.

- Gives mommy and daddy kisses and hugs. Loves to hold our hands when she's sleepy and cuddle up with us.

- When she's ready to go to sleep, she'll roll over on her side and lay her head back and get all stretched out.

- When she cries I've noticed she'll go "mum...mum...mum" Close enough to mommy for me. (I so love this!!)

- The past few weeks I think we've been on a growth spurt as she feels heavier and eating more.

- Loves to jump and spin around in her exersaucer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Scatter seeds of kindness everywhere you go; scatter bits of courtesy and watch them grow. In doing this you may find more happiness than you have ever known.

What will be the opportunities for me to offer kindness and courtesy today?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Self Portrait

Hayden drew this picture and said that it was him. I think it's pretty cute!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning to Knit...Boy Style

Ever since I purchased Lily's adorable pumpkin hat and sweater, I've been searching and found out how many adorable hats that are out there for kids. Especially, little girls. I found so many cute things on

This created a desire to learn to knit and crochet. My grandma taught me the basics but this had been many years ago. So after searching the Internet and purchasing a DVD, I'm understanding the basics and actually knitting.

Will has been watching me with great interest and told me he wanted to learn too. Of course whatever Will does, Hayden must do it too.

While we were practicing along with the DVD you can see what Hayden was up to. He was getting into everything and being silly. Before it was all done and over, he was in time-out in his room. I never knew knitting was so interesting for boys!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home Ec Project II

Here's a picture of Will's second project in Home Ec. This pumpkin is so cute!! The green leaves and brown stem are made out of felt and he sewed strips of fabric together to make the pumpkin. It's super soft as the inside is polyester fluff. He did a great job on it.

I love seeing items around the house made by the kids. It's just a wonderful reminder that I'm part of a family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Kitty PJ's

Hayden got my Hello Kitty out and wanted to put pajamas on her too. He said she was sleepy and needed a nap. He didn't put her in his bed but in my bed for me. Ha-Ha!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day in the Life of Hayden and Lily

Hi Mommy, I love playing with my toys.

This elephant rattle is one of my favorites. His nose and ears are fun to chew on.

I think I hear something...what can it be??

Oh no, it's Hayden. I hope he doesn't remember that this used to be his toy. Oh my...I don't want to share.

Don't worry mommy. It's Fritz the dog to the rescue. I'll keep these little ones in line.

I'll hide the elephant and chew on this toy. Maybe Hayden won't see it.

I see him coming. I'll just act calm and get this toy real wet and slobbery. He doesn't like spit so he'll leave quickly...Hee-Hee!!

Hi Mommy. What are you and Lily doing?

(Hayden)- I'll smile real big for mommy and then I'll check out what Lily has. Maybe something I can take. (Lily) - Ya!! So far my plan is working. He doesn't see the elephant yet.

Something is going on here but not sure what it is. I'll just let mommy take pictures of me in my new pajamas. My slippers came from FaMor and FaFa. I look good!!

So it goes in the life of Hayden and Lily.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exersaucer Part II

Ok...I'm sure you're thinking "what's with more pictures of Lily in the exersaucer" but this time check out her little feet. She has two different sleepers with cute faces on the feet. These are the bunnies and are my favorite. Plus on the front of this sleeper it says I *heart* mommy. Don't feel bad for Anders though, she has another one that says I *heart* daddy that he picked out for her himself.

I was making waffels and those little bunny feet were moving non-stop. It just cracked me up watching her. It literally reminded me of real bunnies hopping around. She's such a cutie pie!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Here's one of Lily's favorite things to do.

While sitting there she squeals, giggles, yells, and tries to chew on everything within her reach. Also, those little legs move non-stop. It's fun to watch her playing in this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Lily loves to pull her socks off and when she pulls them off she tosses them around and sucks on them. I'll put her socks on and within minutes the toes are pulled up and it looks like she's wearing flippers.

At least when the socks come off I get to see those adorable little feet. Aren't baby feet just the cutest?