Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day in the Life of Hayden and Lily

Hi Mommy, I love playing with my toys.

This elephant rattle is one of my favorites. His nose and ears are fun to chew on.

I think I hear something...what can it be??

Oh no, it's Hayden. I hope he doesn't remember that this used to be his toy. Oh my...I don't want to share.

Don't worry mommy. It's Fritz the dog to the rescue. I'll keep these little ones in line.

I'll hide the elephant and chew on this toy. Maybe Hayden won't see it.

I see him coming. I'll just act calm and get this toy real wet and slobbery. He doesn't like spit so he'll leave quickly...Hee-Hee!!

Hi Mommy. What are you and Lily doing?

(Hayden)- I'll smile real big for mommy and then I'll check out what Lily has. Maybe something I can take. (Lily) - Ya!! So far my plan is working. He doesn't see the elephant yet.

Something is going on here but not sure what it is. I'll just let mommy take pictures of me in my new pajamas. My slippers came from FaMor and FaFa. I look good!!

So it goes in the life of Hayden and Lily.


Musicmom-Amy said...

Oh the days! Hayden's stylin' int hose slippers. They are awesome!! Good job FaMor and FaFa!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children and doggy too! Thank you Grandma Leslie for sharing.

Enjoy them!

Angie Blagrave Pate

Christie said...

So cute, if only we knew what they were thinking!