Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 Months Old

On Friday 11/14 Lily turned 8 months old. Time is passing too quickly. She's just the sweetest little girl and we're all so happy to have her in our family.

Here's things about her at the moment:

- Still has tiny feet. She's wearing a size 2 shoe.

- Wearing 9 months clothes.

- Her hair is getting a little longer. Little strands are now covering the tops of her ears. The little "flip" on top is still there and getting longer.

- We believe her eyes are going to remain hazel grey. They're definitely not brown and in some light appear blue but then other times a medium grey shade.

- Sitting in her highchair for all meals. She loves Gerber Puffs and wants to take a bite of everything that we eat.

- Totally dislikes squash and green beans!! She will actually shudder and almost gag when I try to feed these to her. I've decided not to try anymore.

- Loves to eat the jars of fruit. Apples, peaches, bananas are yummy!! Eats a big bowl of cereal with fruit every morning.

- No longer rides in the car seat stroller. She now sits in Hayden's stroller so she can see everything.

- Still NO TEETH!! I'm surprised at this as by now both boys had at least two teeth. Maybe something will come in this month.

- Just learned to clap this week on Tuesday 11/18 and she's so adorable doing it. You can tell she's quite proud of herself too.

- Loves to take a bath and kicks those feet non-stop and waves those arms around.

- If she's unhappy about something, she's started making this "noise" which is almost a yell and a shriek combined. It definitely will get your attention when she does this.

- Is always moving. When sitting on the floor she will twirl her feet around and wiggle her hands.

- Rolling over more frequently from stomach to back. Will push up on her arms and scoot herself backwards.

- Will is still her man!! Oh does this little girl love him. She will smile and hug him when he picks her up.

- Hayden can really make her laugh and giggle which he loves. If he knows what will make her laugh, he will keep doing it over and over.

- Gives mommy and daddy kisses and hugs. Loves to hold our hands when she's sleepy and cuddle up with us.

- When she's ready to go to sleep, she'll roll over on her side and lay her head back and get all stretched out.

- When she cries I've noticed she'll go "mum...mum...mum" Close enough to mommy for me. (I so love this!!)

- The past few weeks I think we've been on a growth spurt as she feels heavier and eating more.

- Loves to jump and spin around in her exersaucer.

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