Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chicago Pictures - Part 2

The day after the pumpkin farm was a cold rainy day. Lily and I went to Archivers for some "retail therapy" and then met up with everyone for lunch at Olive Garden. We spent the rest of the day inside just visiting and watching the cousins enjoy playing with each other.

The next day we left around lunchtime and the sun was back out again. Anders parents wanted to get photos of everyone. Also, Uncle Tony was working on changing a flat tire on his SUV. Hayden wanted to help him fix it too. It was so cute to see him working with Tony to get the tire off.

After a long drive, we finally made it home. Traveling during the day with a toddler and a baby is not a fun thing to do. At this stage we do much better traveling at night or flying. Overall, it was a great trip that didn't last long enough.

We spoke to Anders parents a few days later and they made it back home to Denmark just fine. They had a great visit but I believe they were glad to be back home too. Hopefully we will be able to see them soon. This time it will be when we are in Denmark.

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