Monday, September 22, 2008

Six Months Old

I can't believe that my baby girl is six months old already. Time is passing too quickly. She's just the sweetest and most snuggly baby.

Here's some facts about her at the moment:

- Sitting up on her own. We have to sit her up but will sit for a long time playing with her toys and bouncing around.

- Now that we're sitting up we don't like to lay on our back or sit in the swing too long. It's boring and she's got better things to do.

- Eating cereal and starting the Stage 1 baby food. So far bananas and applesauce are her favorite.

- Drools all the time but still no teeth.

- Weighs 16 lbs. 14 oz. and 26 3/4" long as of Friday 9/19.

- Outgrowing her 6 months clothes and beginning to wear 9 months clothes.

- Her hair is getting thicker and a little longer. It's remaining a dark brown color.

- Now that she's 6 months old, we believe that her eyes are going to remain the beautiful blue-grey color.

- Loves her big brothers so much. Smiles and giggles at both of them. You can just see it in her face that she's crazy about them.

- Starting to give slobbery open mouth kisses to us.

- Likes to fall asleep holding onto your hand or fingers.

- She has chunky little thighs that are so cute.

- She is tickelish and will squeal if you say "I'm gonna' get her" and wiggle your hands in her direction.

- She still loves to take a bath and splashes and kicks water everywhere.

- Likes to watch Fritz walking around and giggles when she touches his fur. Fritz just looks at her and isn't too interested in her though.

- All items that she can get her hands on will go immediately into her mouth.

- Still likes her feet and will use them like little hands. Likes to kick her toys and pull her socks off.

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