Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 Months Old

My girl is officially 7 months old today and she is "my girl" too. It started two weeks ago but she will now reach for me and if she's being shy or in an uncomfortable situation, she'll bury her little face in my chest. It's SO cute!!

Here's the information about her at this time:

- She loves her family. Gives the biggest smiles to daddy, Will and Hayden and tries to give us all slobbery kisses on the cheek.

- When she sees Will she will sometimes say "bro-bro-bro" Will says that she's saying brother. I'm not sure but it does sound like she's saying it as it seems she'll only do this when he's around.

- Eating a lot more baby food. So far her favorites are sweet potatoes and applesauce. No matter what we're eating or drinking she wants a taste too. I always give her a tiny bit which then comes with some funny faces.

- Wearing 9 month clothes. They're a tiny bit big but the sleeves are all long and I need to cuff them. (She must have short arms)

- Speaking of the arms/hands. They're QUICK!! Those little hands can grab something in the blink of an eye and then it's in the mouth.

- Likes to play with her toys. Has fun putting things in something and shaking it and then dumping it out again.

- She will cry big tears if playing with something and Hayden takes it from her. She's no longer the passive little baby who let's him do it. She now voices her disapproval and his eyes get real big and then he gives it back to her.

- Starting to snuggle up to a little stuffed grey elephant. I think this is going to be her item for when she gets sleepy.

- Likes to fall asleep holding something on her chest. She prefers it to be your hand but can't be there at all times so the little elephant is starting to become a substitute.

- Is now the champ of splashing and kicking water. Those little legs go so fast while taking a bath and the look on her face is of sheer determination to make that water fly up in the air.

- Hates being on her stomach and won't tolerate it more than 3-4 minutes which means we're not rolling at all.

- Wants to sit up at all times. She has things to watch and see.

- Got her first real illness last week. Fever and vomiting. She was a sick girl for about 36 hours.

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Musicmom-Amy said...

Amy, she's just blossomed! Such an adorable picture. I LOVE this age! Enjoy!