Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am the mother of two boys. As I grow older, I've come to realize that some things are just a genetic male thing.

One of those things is the fascination with noises that the human body makes.

Oh yes, this starts very early in their young life. It's funny and since it's funny they try to imitate it often. Usually, I just ignore it or chuckle inside and hope that they will quit making the noise (real or fake) soon.

The other night it was too much for me to take. Here's the situation. I'm in the van driving with Hayden in the middle of the van in his car seat and Will is in the rear of the van.

Here's the conversation:

Will: Oh my!!!

Hayden: What is it?

Will: Something smells horrible in here!!

Hayden: What is it Will?

Will: I don't know but it's bad.

(A few minutes pass)

Will: (irritated voice) Did someone let a stinky?

Hayden: (gleeful voice) Yes, I did that.

Will: (very irritated voice) Well, it's horrible!!!

Hayden: (very gleeful voice) Good, then it was a good toot!!

I'm listening to this and about drove off the road laughing. Sometimes it's just too much to take.

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