Monday, April 25, 2011


Last week Lily had her 3-Year-Old Well Child pediatrician appointment. She's progressing well and there were no concerns.

We're completely potty trained and very rarely have accidents. Even now, on many mornings she wakes up dry, so it will be very soon and she will no longer have to wear potty pants at night.

She weighed 29 lbs and 4 oz which puts her at 32% on the growth chart. She's also 38inches tall and this makes her at 66% on the growth chart for her height.

We had issues with the scale...she cried again. Not sure why she's so afraid and doesn't want to stand on the scale. She was also very shy with the doctor and had to be examined with her sitting on my lap. Once we were done with the examine and leaving the doctor said bye to her in the hallway and she was all talkative then...LOL!!


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