Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok...I thought I would try to add a little humor to the past 10 days of miserable. Couldn't hurt, right??

Off and on, sometimes I get dizzy and feel my one eye twitch but usually it will go away or I think it's the beginning of a migraine and start "operation migraine prevention". Well, last week at work I got this feeling but it was much more intense. I was burning hot and so sweaty and then the darkness feeling came along. Next thing I knew I was on the floor with my old ER co-workers above me. Seems I passed out and hit my head in the process too. Oh Great!!

After being hooked up to every machine I think possible in the ER, passing out again when asked to stand plus vomiting in the CT machine I got the grand pleasure of becoming an inpatient on the 6th. floor for two days. I also go the lovely "Ruby Red Slippers Sign" posted on my door which meant I was a fall risk. So along with being a dizzy patient I now felt like a geriatric patient with the sign on my door.

I got to come home and day one a little better, next day better and on Friday...I felt a lot better. Time to enjoy the Royal Wedding!!

Saturday, with grand plans of scrapbooking and going out to eat, something started to go wrong AGAIN!! I was so dizzy again but this time burning up with a 102 fever. Sunday was a total blur of sweating, chills and dizziness.

Monday I was in with my family doctor and after being used again as a human pin cushion it was determined along with the vertigo I had a severe infection wrecking havoc with my body.

Tuesday and Wednesday came the lovely n/v/d (code for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea) I secretly wished for someone to come and put me out of my misery. I dropped my iphone behind the bed so I couldn't call or text someone to come and do it. I just hoped for some random burgler at that point.

For now I'm on FMLA till 5/16. I have to see an ENT and a physical therapist who specializes in Vertigo and balance issues.

I never really gave vertigo much thought. Years ago I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie called "Vertigo" and it was creepy. Now that I have it...I still's creepy!!!


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