Sunday, July 1, 2007

Garage Sale

Today was the garage sale. It was hot but fortunately not as hot as it has been this week. I always think people won't show up or things won't sell but I was wrong. We made $176.15. Not too bad!! Got to talk to some neighbors I hadn't seen in awhile and got a little gossip too.

Hayden was so funny. He took his little motorized 4-wheeler and went out of the garage and before I could get to him he ran this man over. He was a good sport about it and laughed and laughed.

He stood on the ladder and I got frantic as I couldn't find him and then saw him huddled up on the first rung. He was trying to hide from me and I could see him peeking at me from his under his hat. He also thought it was great to run through the clothes and jump out from behind them. I think he's turned into a flirt. Especially with women who sort of have the grandma look. He waved bye and blew a few kisses. One lady asked how much was he and I told her he was my big helper today and not enough money in the world was enough but she should come back when he's crabby and tired and I'm sure we could work out a good deal....ha-ha.

Will dumped me to go help our neighbor across the street with her yard sale. At least he came over a few times to say hello but I had to wait till Anders got home to have someone else there. We closed up shop around 1:30 pm and I went and took a nap. Sweaty and dirty I plopped on top of the bed and it felt so good. I haven't taken a nap in the afternoon in awhile. Now I can't sleep as I slept for a few hours which is why I'm writing at this time of night.

I think I'm going to go eat 1 cookie. I know it's 12:15 am but I REALLY REALLY want to go eat it. It's a small cookie so it shouldn't be worth too many Weight Watchers points. Oh the guilt over a cookie.

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