Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Welcome Captain Jack

We have a new member in our family. His name is Captain Jack. Not sure that it's a common name for a Dwarf Hamster but Will likes it. Will's favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean and the main character is Captain Jack Sparrow.
I really like the little guy. I was the one who wanted to bring him home. One of my good friends had him and she got him in December for her son. He already had chinchillas and the hamster really didn't get much attention so she was trying to find a good home for him. I went to her house to get some scrapbook supplies and she was hoping that I would have brought the boys with me as she wanted to see if we would like him. I've always wanted a hamster and after playing with him for a bit and seeing how sweet he really is, I decided I wanted him for my pet. Imagine Anders surprise when I told him what I wanted!! He never knew of my secret desire for a hamster. He said he didn't care if we had one, so we went today to pick him up.
Will really likes him and has been holding him and putting him in his little ball to walk around. Hayden keeps calling him a bunny and thinks he's ok in the cage but when he gets out, he's afraid of him. Even Anders thinks he's pretty cute and holds him too.
Welcome home Captain Jack.

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