Wednesday, August 1, 2007 more news

Well, I've been a bad blogger again. I get to going good and then I get busy and forget. Here's what's new in our world. First big news is....I'm pregnant. Yep...pregnant. I really thought I wouldn't be uttering those words again but I am. I got to see the little heartbeat on Monday. I've been given the due dates of 3/19 and 3/24. Safe to say sometime middle of March a little Baby Jensen will be making their arrival. Now that the shock has worn off, I'm thrilled and excited!! Anders and Will are thrilled too and Will actually admitted that he'd like a little girl. I would love a girl, but I love my boys so much. I'm the top girl in this house to all boys and that's a good thing for sure. Just give me a healthy little baby and I'm satisfied.

Other big news....we got a new mini van. It's a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. I love it!! I thought I'd like a van and I was right, I do. We got an awesome deal on it that was too good to pass up.

Other news...(not so good). We had a water leak last week that after paying $700 to get fixed and an entire afternoon of your house filled with plumbers it's been resolved.

The new barn doors are up on the yard bard. Now they need to be painted and it will be done. I thought they would be ready the end of August but of course they were ready the day of the water leak and he came that day too. So an additional $270 spent that day also. of our hamsters died Friday night. His name was Snickers. We had him almost two weeks and seemed fine but something must have been wrong. Poor little Snuggles lives with him and he looked so scared that he died. We buried him out back behind the yard bard. Will was sad and I was too. For his short life with us, he was a sweet little hamster. I'll miss him.

Like I said...whew, it's been a busy few weeks.

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