Friday, August 24, 2007

Sad and Lonely

I don't know how women go for weeks on end with bedrest. It's so boring!! Plus being home alone makes a person sad. I keep thinking about how much work is probably hating me for not being there, how is this house going to hold another person, finding another house, can I really do this again, is the heat ever going to end, do we have enough money for one more...on and on. Sometimes being alone with your thoughts isn't a good thing. It also makes me sad that my parents haven't even called to check on me. Whenever one of them isn't feeling good I call to check on them. I guess they figure all is well and there's no need but it would be nice. Oh well....

So today, Hayden is home with me. We've watched Elmo and he's tickled my "piggies" numerous times. This is much better.

He's one funny little guy!! He can jump now. His feet actually leave the ground. We've been jumping everywhere and dancing this morning. I have noticed that he's afraid when he hears the airplanes fly over the house. He'll run to me and hide is face. He knows it's an airplane but he hides until he no longer hears the sound.

Well, he's now said he wants a "nack" aka...snack. It's 11:10 so I guess it's lunch time. He's gotta' get more energy for tickling and jumping.

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