Friday, April 18, 2008

What's shakin' Friday

It's another beautiful spring day today. I just love this time of year. Daily you can see the changes in the trees and the flowers are blooming again. Wonderful!! They're saying late this afternoon we're to get some rain but at the moment it's blue skies and sunny.

We were awaken this morning to the entire house shaking. We had an earthquake. It registered 5.2. Growing up in this area I've felt a few little shakes that lasted only seconds but this lasted about 45 seconds. I was awake when it started as I had just rolled over and was adjusting my covers and pillow. This is something you don't experience very often. It scared me.

The virus that has plagued our household this past week got Will yesterday. The only person who didn't get sick has been Lily. I hope it is gone for good. You sure feel rough for about two days when you get it.

Today my girl is 5 weeks old and getting bigger each day. We went shopping together this week and out to lunch. At Wal-Mart I had several elderly people stop me and ask what aisle did I find her on as they wanted to get one too. She does real well out running around. As long as we're fed and dry, she's a happy girl.

I went on one interview this week and then have two more scheduled for next week. Even if none work out, it boosted my self-esteem knowing that there is life outside my current employer. I'll see what happens. Hopefully not long after I go back I will be submitting my resignation. I'm ready to move on to something else.

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