Monday, May 5, 2008

Returning To Work

I spoke with my employer today and I'll officially be returning to work on Monday, May 19. Lily will be 9 weeks old then. I'm sad and not happy about returning but this date is much better than the date they were requesting me to return. I won't have much vacation left as I'm using most of it now but it's SO worth it to be home as long as possible with Lily. These moments are precious and it's time you will never get back. The newborn stage doesn't last long...they grow and change so fast. Plus she's our last baby. I don't want to miss anything.

I hope I won't be staying long though. I've been applying numerous places and been offered two jobs already but in the end the hours wouldn't work for me. I wish potential employers would be up front about the hours and not keep it such a secret. Both didn't reveal the "true" hours till it was negotiation time with Human Resources.

I hope something will come along very soon that will work for me and our family. If not, then I plan on quitting with nothing to go to. If they are as horrible as they were before I went out on maternity leave, then I will be quitting very soon after I return. I had a baby. I don't understand why my supervisor has been so mean about it. Yes, I left sooner than they expected but it was for my health and the health of the baby and that was way more important than a job. It wasn't my decision but the decision of my doctor. They had months to prepare for me going out on leave but they chose to wait till the last minute. Many women can't work up until the day they deliver and I just happened to be one of them this time.

I'm off to go fix dinner as we are eating outside on the patio. It's turning into a beautiful spring evening. Perfect way to end a sunny warm day.

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