Monday, December 15, 2008

9 Months Old

Little Miss Lily Helene Jensen turned 9 months old yesterday. Where is the time going? I remember last December she was inside me growing, kicking and moving all over. She's still doing the same thing but now on the outside.

Here's some information about her:

- She's finally got teeth coming in. Two down on the bottom.

- She's trying to crawl. She'll go from sitting up to down on her belly but once there she's not sure what to do next.

- Has giggle fits and will squeal and laugh hysterically. You can't help but crack up yourself when she does this. She loves to watch Hayden and Will dance to 70's disco music. (Oh don't ask about this...those two are a mess!!)

- Having some trouble sleeping. She will get too tired and then she can't fall asleep which results in one fussy baby girl.

- Loves to eat. She wants a bite of everything that you're eating.

- Likes to play with toys and everything gets put in her mouth and licked.

- Starting to wave bye-bye.

- Likes to smack her lips together.

- Claps and waves her arms around when you sing "Patty-Cake" to her.

- She's a mommy's girl.

- Has some anxiety when meeting strangers or someone she hasn't seen in awhile. She'll cry and reach for me and then hide her face in my arm or chest.

- Likes to stand up and lean up against something.

- Loves to watch Hayden play with his trains. She just watches with fascination while they go along the track.

- Starting to go into a size 3 shoes.

- Still wearing 9 month clothes.

- Her hair is growing and it's now touching the top of her ears and getting thicker in the back.

- When sitting in your lap she likes to stand up and "talk" to you and gives kisses.

- Doesn't like to get her mouth wiped off at all!!

- Likes to look at books.

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