Friday, August 14, 2009

17 Months Old

17 months...Did I really just type that my Lily is now 17 months old? Where is the time going?

The pictures were taken last week at Chuck-E-Cheese. We went last Thursday night with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. They were in town from Louisville, KY. It's nice that the kids all got to play together and I think everyone had a great time! Lily knows exactly where the coins go...ha-ha!!! She was riding in the car with Hayden.

This little girl can CLIMB and I mean she climbs on EVERYTHING!! At the moment she has a scuffed up chin due to falling off the coffee table onto the love seat and she got fabric burn. Didn't phase her a bit...she tried to climb right back up. Also, this week I left the kitchen for minutes and came back to see her standing up on the kitchen table. You name it...she'll climb it.

Here's some other facts about her:

- Very attached to her pacifier. When she gets sleepy she needs it and she'll want it for a bit till she gets completely woke up.

- Can say Fritz, Will, Mommy, Daddy, Dee which is for Hayden, tree, sippy, paci, shoe, wow, no, poo, bath and hi.

- Becoming very independent. She wants to do it all by herself. Doesn't like for you to help her. Gets frustrated when it doesn't or won't work for her.

- Starting to throw a few fits. They consist of her laying down on the floor face first and crying. But she will lay herself down easy though.

- She will growl at you if something does go her way or she gets upset about something.

- She doesn't stand for Hayden taking things from her anymore. Now, she'll just scream when he does it or until he gives it back. Sometimes I let them hash it out between them others, I play referee.

- When Hayden goes to time-out. She goes with him to keep him company and if he cries, she cries too.

- Loves to look at books.

- Bath time is the best time of the day for her. If I say "who wants to get a bath," she'll go running to the bathroom lickety split and trying to pull her clothes off.

- Adores Will. She just loves him.

- Thinks all dogs are Fritz (our yorkie-poo)She chases him around the house petting him and trying to kiss him all the time.

- Gives good kisses and hugs.

- Loves to be outside.

- Her hair is getting longer and she has soft curls in the back. The sides are growing too but the top is still just fine baby hair. When her hair is wet it looks like she's got a baby mullet going on...ha-ha!!

- Like to give you high-fives.

- Cutting 3 molars at one time and is drooling everywhere. (Poor baby)


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