Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Year Olds

I don't understand why people who have kids themselves feel that they can criticize your children and make comments (that you can hear) especially when they aren't justified.

We went out to eat this weekend and Hayden is 4 years old. He was being good and eating his food so we allowed him to get a dessert. At our house when I make an ice cream sundae many times I put chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. He was disappointed there was no cherry and his eyebrows went down and he made the "pouty face" and said he didn't want it. He wasn't making a scene but he was not happy.

Daddy told him to get his coat and come over to sit with him. When he pulled his coat off the back of his chair the chair fell over. No loud noise was made but yes, it did fall over. He came back over and picked it up. We then overhear the comment to the group "oh, that's the typical Hayden"...really??? I guess you don't spend much time around our family as that is NOT the typical Hayden.

After that comment to the group it wasn't heard how Hayden then felt bad and apologized to his daddy and came over to me and apologized without being told to do so. Now that is "the typical Hayden".


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