Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Year Appointment

On Friday morning we went to the pediatrician for Lily's 2 year appointment. We were doing fine till it was time to step on the scale. She's afraid of the scale. I asked if Hayden would stand on the scale first to show her it was ok. Did big brother help. No way!! I think he's afraid too...really, it's just a scale. Anyways, we got her to stand on it while she had her eyes tightly shut and mouth open wide screaming.

Once we got in the room she calmed down as they've got butterflies on the walls and this cute funny picture of a frog in a chair. Lily doesn't call frogs - frogs but she calls them ribbits. All was going fine.

Then we hear the doctor in the hallway and I tell them that he's coming soon and I bet we're next. Hayden leans over to Lily and says "Hey Lily, you're going to have to get a shot." This causes Lily to start saying "no, no, no" and grabs her shoes and says "shoes on." Hayden and Lily have a doctor kit and they play doctor on Pluto and me all the time. They think it's funny to give people shots but when it's one of's not funny anymore.

Within minutes he comes in and she's ok with it. Not too bad. He listened to her heart, checked her ears, eyes and then asked me some questions. You could tell Hayden was stressed about it. Even the doctor called him her little bodyguard. We were done with everything except that final shot. Then the nurse came in and Hayden then tells her "Hey Lily, here's the shot. It's gonna hurt." Again, eyes closed and mouth open wide screaming. It was over in the blink of an eye but she hated the tiny bandaid and wanted it off.

With clothes back on and two animal crackers later from the nurse, we were doing ok. Me...a little sweaty and frazzled but we were done. In all the commotion I forgot her statistics sheet and had to go back in to get it. Here's info:

Weight - 25 lbs. 6 oz in the 36% growth percentile

Height - 34 1/2 inches in the 79% growth percentile

Developing perfectly and a little advanced in some things but he said that is due to having a sibling close to her age. She wants to mimic what he does. We made it and no more shots till kindergarten. I just got confirmed what I already knew. I got a perfectly healthy and happy little girl.


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