Monday, January 10, 2011

Dancing In the Stars with Lily

This weekend I was clearing off my memory cards in my cameras and came upon this little gem from November.

I like to watch Dancing With the Stars. I think it's fun to see the routines and costumes. It's one show that I will always DVR.

Hayden and Lily enjoy watching it too but instead of calling it Dancing with the Stars they call it Dancing in the Stars. LOL!! They like to dance together and maybe in the future we got a little brother/sister team going on but for now they jump around the living room and kitchen. It's so funny as Hayden tries to dip her and tells her to do this and that, to which I hear "ok Hey-hun".

On this day Hayden was at Pre-K so Lily had to dance alone. What's a girl to do?

First...go get your brother's knit hat and put it on your head.

Second...put on as many silly band bracelets you can find on one wrist.

Third...put on your pink tu-tu while still wearing your froggie jammies. and dance!!


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