Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Labor and Delivery

I thought for sure when I would see Labor and Delivery sign at the hospital would be when we were going in to have the baby. As usual, I was wrong. It seems the nose bleeds, swelling of my ankles and headaches are the signs of pre-eclampsia and not just the normal aches and pains that I was thinking was going on the past week.

I went to to see the ob on Monday and my blood pressure was 148/98 which she said was high but she asked if I had came to the office straight from work, which I did. But she examined me and asked if I was ok. I was tired and had a slight headache. She said to report anything unusual and come back in two weeks.

During the night my headache turned into a full blown migraine. Vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise. I hadn't had one this bad since August. I called the office as soon as they opened to see if I could take something stronger than Tylenol as it wasn't helping. They wanted me to come in. My blood pressure was very high...both numbers in the triple digits so I was sent up to Labor and Delivery triage. I didn't catch the actual number. They hooked me up to monitor baby girl and she was fine. But after some shots in the hip and stronger drugs they let me go home yesterday evening as my headache was doing better but the main thing was my blood pressure had gone down to normal range again.

I do think my blood pressure is going to be an issue for the rest of my pregnancy though. With both boys this was the main reason why I was induced two weeks early with both. I'm now 31/32 weeks along (depending who's due date you go by) so I've got just a few more weeks to go. I hope all will be ok.

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