Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time to Move On...

It has become very clear to me today that after the baby is born and insurance has been settled, I will need to quit my current job. I will be quitting even if I have nothing to go to. Anders and I are sitting down this weekend to get it all finalized with finances so there will be no surprises when the time comes. In all honesty I'd like to stay home for awhile or just do somthing part-time.

I've spent months cross-training two individuals to be my backup while I'm gone and today I've been informed that they've selected someone else to be my backup from another department and I must spend all moments cross training her. Why are they waiting to do this while in the final weeks before I have the baby? The person who they selected is NOT happy at all and doesn't want to be doing this. She asked me today why was she selected and I really have no makes no sense to me. I'd be just as upset as her if I was in her shoes. Her entire department is stressed about it as it means more work on them but I had nothing to do with it and don't even see the reasoning of why they chose her.

I'm now getting the constant questions again of when are you going out, when are you coming back, can you do this and that from home while you're out on leave, etc. So I'll be home with a newborn baby and may be required to check production windows from home to help out. Why am I even going out on leave...I'm still required to be working. I wonder if people in the hospital for weeks or a very serious illness are required to still be working? I guess maternity leave isn't a "real" illness.

I'm now in the two week rotation at the ob as it's getting closer but I'm going too much. What am I supposed to do, just not go?

Even though I've been at my current employer 7 years I seriously regret ever coming to this company. I thought it was a good opportunity and have been hopeful that things would get better. They do at times but as a whole it's more negative than positive. I don't think it's the "entire" company but my department. The one in management has no clue on what I do and now that it will be time for me to be out, she's very afraid of senior management seeing that she really has no clue what I do. Senior management has asked me twice if all will be ok while I'm out and I've honestly told them no. Each time I'm not there all day something goes wrong and this is just a day or two. Being out for several weeks at a time is going to be very bad. I do hope I'm wrong and it does work out ok, but history continues to repeat itself.

It's time to go to bed and get this day over with and people wonder why I'm suddenly having such an issue with my blood pressure.

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Angelbev said...

Amy...have you talked to your doctor about the stress at work??? This could be the cause of your pre-eclampsia . This is a big deal and should not be ignored!! Do you have sivck time and vacation time to cover if you were told to stay off by your doctor? If so, I would talk seriously to your doctor about what is happening and see what he says. I think getting a note so you can take some FMLA would be appropriate. Keep in mind it is a federal law so they can not refuse it and they can not require you to work from home during it!