Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Love Egg

Hayden is in love with his egg. Yes, as funny and odd as it sounds he's decided that he loves egg and takes it everywhere with him. This little egg is from his Little Tykes kitchen. Nothing special about it but to him it's very special.

We only like to wear clothes with a pocket so egg can tag along. Usually he's in his hand but if he needs to use both hands for something, he wants to put egg in his pocket.

Egg also gets special surprises put inside. One day we had a gummy bear and on another day he had two grapes.

He also sleeps with egg. It is curled up in his hand and cuddled close to his chest.

The past few weeks egg has become an important part of his life. It makes him very happy so we welcome with open hands (and heart) egg. Welcome to the family Egg Jensen!!


Dana said...

Thats to cute :) and it washes up nice if it gets dirty! :)

Christie said...

Love that story. You'll be telling his girlfriends about this one.