Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Far...So Good

I've been in orientation the past two days for my new job as a Patient Services Representative. So far, it's been very good and I believe I'm going to like it. Tomorrow afternoon I actually go to the Emergency Room and spend some time in my area. I'm excited and very nervous!

Today we went on a very extensive tour of the hospital. I saw things that the general public sees but most of it was "behind the scenes" areas. Very interesting and reminded me just how much nurses and hospital staff do to help heal patients. I loved going to the 3rd. floor which is the birthing, nursery and antepartum areas. I just love seeing newborn babies. We passed the room that I had when I gave birth to Lily. I actually got a little "baby fever" but once I got home, I quickly snapped out of it!! I thought it was cute that they refer to the babies who are out of the severe NICU area and are thriving and progressing well as the "growers." They had three "growers" in that area.

Friday night I go in for my first real shift. I'm sure the next couple of weeks is going to be very interesting.

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Christie said...

I really hope you enjoy the new job!