Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Months Old

Lily turned 10 months old on 1/14 and with all the things going on with selling our home and purchasing a new home, I realized I didn't post my monthly update. Bad mommy!!!

Here's information about our girl:

- Started crawling on Monday, 1/19. She is SO cute as she just sort of shuffles along at the moment.

- Beginning to eat more food and not so much baby food. Wants a bite of anything on my plate or anything that I put in my mouth.

- Starting to outgrow her 9 month clothes. She still has tiny feet though.

- Beginning to get upset if told no or if things don't go her way. She'll bend at the waist and lay her head down and whimper.

- Anytime she hears music she will bounce and dance.

- Says mum-mum and da when she wants one of us.

- Giggles hysterically when she is able to pet Fritz, our yorkie poo dog.

- Still has stranger anxiety and will hold onto you tightly if she's unsure in a situation.

- Doesn't like hair bows or hats on her head. She'll try to pull it off.

- She gives a "flirt smile" and will blink her eye lashes, tilt her head and give a little innocent smile.

- Loves her brothers and smiles and laughs at them. Will gets the big grins and Hayden tries to make her laugh.

- At her 9 1/2 month doctor appointment she was at 20.2 lbs and 29 inches long.

- Only has two teeth. Her top gums look a little pink, but no teeth have poked through yet.

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