Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brain Cells

I really think that baby girl must be sucking my good brain cells out of me.

Yesterday I wore my contacts all day. Last night I take a shower and get my jammies on and then put my glasses on. I can't see very good out of my glasses. At first I thought they were smeary and needed to be cleaned so I go into the kitchen and clean them off. I'm holding them up to the light to make sure no streaks, etc.

Anders and Will come in there and ask what I'm doing. I have Anders look at my glasses as I can't see well out of them. He said all looks ok. Finally while talking to them I rub my eyes and out pops one of my contacts and it's laying in my hand. I look down and tell them "oh I guess I forgot to take these out first".

The look between Anders and Will was was like "yep...she's lost it for sure". I head back down the hall to the bathroom to take them out and I hear them in there trying to be silent and giggling. Oh least I could see fine afterwards.

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