Sunday, February 3, 2008


I can tell that I'm getting into the final days of being pregnant. I'm offically uncomfortable.

I have 50 days left until my due date of 3/24 but then I've been given the due date of 3/19 and 3/17. So that could shorten it down to 43 days but then I had both boys two weeks early so that could shorten it down to 36 days. No matter how I analyze it, I still have several weeks to go and I'm getting so ready to serve baby girl her eviction papers.

At least it's not the middle of summer and weeks of 95+ degree temperatures like it was with Hayden. Being pregnant in winter is a lot better than summer for sure!!

My belly is getting in the way of everything I do. Trying to tie my shoes and getting it done is something to celebrate. I'm usually so particular about keeping it all neat and organized but really, do I have to pick something up the minute I drop it. Nope...wait and call for one of the boys to do it for me. Good thing Hayden is so willing to be "mommy's big helper".

Baby girl feels the constant need to squirm and wiggle once I get into bed and get the pillows all situated which then I feel the need to constantly get up and visit the bathroom multiple times during a 2 hour period. No sooner than that stops the heartburn kicks in full force. I can't tell you how much I hate the taste of Tums. All flavors are now icky!! This makes for some fun nights here lately.

I feel like at times I can't breathe. Anders keeps assuring me that I am breathing as I'm talking and not passing out but tell that to your diaphram that's now pushed up into your throat, a stuffy nose and when the heat kicks on and is blowing on you. Plus why does my husband sleep so close to me? Doesn't he remember when I was pregnant with Hayden?? I need my space. I know I'm sleeping with 5 pillows but hey...they're all serving a purpose in my comfort level.

Also, the subject of clothing. My shirts are riding up and my pants are falling down. What's up with this? My belly is shaped different this time than with Hayden and my pants sit different on me. Even though I have no stretch marks whatsoever on my belly and have an inny belly button, I still don't want my belly hanging out there. Geesh...if she get's cold she may then climb up higher under my ribs and then for sure I can't breathe.

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