Saturday, February 9, 2008


It's Saturday evening and the day was so nice. We had a break in the weather and it was close to 50 degrees and sunny. The boys were outside playing basketball. In little Hayden's mind you can tell that he thinks he's 11 years old too and not 2 years old. Anything Will does or tries, he's got to do it too. It's cute.

It hit me tonight that we could have a baby here in the house within 4-6 weeks maximum. I guess I need to be getting the baby clothes washed and my suitcase packed. Some days it's seemed that it's taken so long but then others it seems to have gone fast. The thought of going through labor again has me nervous. Both times it's gone ok but still....the thought of doing it again. Whew!! With Will he was born in 7 hours and Hayden it was 10 hours. It's still going to be great having a baby again.

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