Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weekly Appointments

I'm now going to the ob weekly. I've got my appointments already made for the next two weeks. Plus she informed me yesterday that she thinks that I'll probably be having the baby the end of February instead of March due to some health problems going on that are with me.

The good news is baby girl is head down now and in my pelvis and her heartbeat was going strong. She said all looks good with her.

I was relieved when I left my appointment yesterday as my ob wrote me an excuse that allowed me to only work 40 hour work weeks. I gave my excuse to my supervisor and she told me she couldn't approve it and gave it back to me. I've got too much to do till I go out on maternity leave. What!! They will not approve what my doctor has requested me to do for my health and the health of the baby. This is going to be getting very ugly before it gets better I'm afraid.

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