Thursday, July 17, 2008's squirting me!!

While Tina, Tony and Matt were visiting we went to Holiday World. I had 6 free admission tickets so we all used them for a fun day in the hot sun!! We went to the new Kima Bay area and Hayden was having some major issues with the squirter.

Hurry mommy...I want to go "wimming" - swimming.

Hmmm...I'll stand on this hole so it won't get me wet.

Aaack!! It got me wet!!'s getting me wet!!! got my hair wet too!!!

I don't like this mommy!!!

I'll sit with you mommy. Why are you and Aunt Tina laughing at me??

No more squirter for me. I'll just work on my tan.

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Christie said...

I love the pictures Amy. How's build a bear? I'm tagging you! check out my blog!