Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Back

We got back late last night from Chicago. It was a LONG journey. Going up was not much of a problem but coming home was another story!! Both little ones (Hayden and Lily) got tired of sitting strapped in their carseats about 2 hours into the journey. What should have taken 6.5 hours ended up taking almost 9 hours.

Anyways, we're home now and I'm glad Will is back with us. I really missed him and I think he missed us too.

Just a sneak peek of the pictures I had taken last week at JC Penney's. They're supposed to be here on the 22nd. They did a pretty good job.


Musicmom-Amy said...

Those are wonderful pictures Amy! You probably ordered a bunch. I really like the last one. So sweet!

kris said...

OMG those are the cutest!! what cutie pies!