Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She Arrived!!

Look who made her arrival at our house yesterday....Hello Kitty!! I admit it, I like Hello Kitty. I remember being a little girl and having some Hello Kitty pencils and a notebook and thinking she was so cute.

At Build-A-Bear we have her and she's a limited edition. I told Anders and Will that I was thinking about getting her and Will gasped and said "Oh no, you're one of those who likes Hello Kitty???" I felt a little embarrassed and decided not to get her at that time.

After being gone for a week, I decided the next time I went into the store I would get her. Too late!! She was gone for good. I ended up contacting Build-A-Bear online and had one sent to me. She arrived late yesterday afternoon and I really like her!! She's cute!! I also got the Hawaiian outfit too to put on her as she arrived naked. Will comes home this weekend and I'm sure he's going to be rolling his eyes at me...oh well, I still like her and hopefully Lily will too when she gets older.


lauren said...

well, I think she is adorable!

Musicmom-Amy said...

I think she's SO cute. The one in our BB store is white. And my 15 yr.old dd got it. Hello Kitty is classic!