Friday, July 18, 2008

Pictures from Chicago

I just thought I'd post some pictures from our trip up to Chicago. It seems I only got the camera out while we were at the house. I miss all of us being was such a nice time.

Will, Hayden and Matt playing video games. Hayden had a broken controller and thought he was playing too but he wasn't. Soon he'll catch on to what the big boys are doing.

Matt giving Lily a bottle. He was so sweet to Lily. She would just smile and coo at him.

Lily and Aunt Tina. They're quite fond of each other.

Matt and Will. What a handsome pair.

Trying to keep an almost 3 year old boy still is a near impossible thing to do!!

Will and Matt in the pool. I think they lived in the pool most afternoons.

Hayden playing at the IKEA office mock up room. He looks pretty offical doesn't he?

Daddy was his first client of the afternoon. They were discussing how to get mommy out of the IKEA store within the next hour.

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